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Welcome to Spectrum Laboratories Australia, your suppliers of anti-drug testing solutions! You have chosen the most sophisticated products that have been successfully in use for over 10 years and have a proven track record in passing workplace random and pre-employment drug tests

The big businesses and organisations are openly mocking your rights as an individual by subjecting you to this invasion of your privacy and violation of civil rights. Yet rarely, if at all submitting themselves at the executive level for impairment testing!

The purpose of these products is only to demonstrate how inaccurate EMIT screening and urinalysis drug testing is. These drug testing methods can produce positive results from as far back as 45 days at time of exposure and in the case of EMIT screening, it cannot distinguish between legal medication and illegal substances. The alcohol breathalyser does not go back this far nor confuses results with other substances!  

Spectrum Labs Australia supports impairment testing in the interest of everyone’s personal safety, but not in its current form! It is an intrusion of privacy and violates the people’s democratic freedom. We cannot recommend the illegal use of these products based on legal advice. But we can tell you that they have been used by adults who chose to protect their privacy and have been doing so for years.

If you feel uncomfortable buying online please check out our retailers page to see if there is a store near to you that stocks our product, http://www.drugtestingnoworries.com/retailers.html  . If you wish to be a retailer of our products call 1300 132 073 and we will help you out.

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